About VertexSpace

In 2011 we helped start the open workshop called Tek-space.dk at the Southern University of Denmark at their robot department. The workshop is open for everyone and any ideas. At our time with Tek-space we build many drones and played with AI

We moved to Copenhagen, one for university another for work opportunity and after a little while we decided to start a technology workshop up again, which became VertexSpace.
VertexSpace started in year 2017 as a group of IT enthusiast who wanted to spread the knowledge of coding computer games to the public.

After realising that either we could spend time educating others how to code and how to compose a game or we could work on our own project, we decided to transform Vertexpace into an indie game developer group.

VertexSpace has now grown to include a writer & graphical artist, but we are still looking for more developers.

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Christian (CEO)

Also works as an account manager in a large IT company within the field of AR (augmented reality) & IOT (internet of things).


Alexander (CTO)

Also works as senior consultant in software development & teaches classes in coding and AI.


Jun (Writer)

Also studies Medialogy & making things taste real great in the kitchen. Coding makes you hungry.


Mathias (Art Director)

Also studies in high school & gave up his youth & future to help us make games.


Martin (C# Trainee)