Good news everyone!
Here’s an update to update you on our updates.

  • The editor is now in working condition. It worked before, but it’s working harder, better and stronger now, with less mistakes and arguments.
  • The physics engine has been added, improved and is working on a degree to better itself through rigorous study. It’s good and working well, but as everything else, we’re learning together and it’s sure to improve.
  • The debug rendering is playing well with others, though we’ve had to have a talk with it, but it seems able and willing to improve itself, and it’s tentatively but surely becoming fast friends with every other part of the game whilst improving its debugging and rendering in leaps and bounds.
  • Lots of code cleanup. The game had a ball, punch was had and not to worry. Chaperones were present. Everyone helped clean up the mess afterwards. Leftover code has been recycled and what couldn’t be recycled, was disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Change to a GIT content server.
    The code received a nice and new place to live while away from home and work. A beautifully decorated GIT server with all the trimming. A show was made in the style of Cribs. It was stylishly done and cake was had by everyone.
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Generally done: 

  • Physics engine – Driving in the blue void
  • Editor is working
  • The editor is functional but we’re still refining it
  • Assets can be manipulated & added to the level
  • Build server is working
  • Data model is functional
  • Plot outline

Monthly Changes:

  • Content processing pipeline created: All content included in our content server will be compiled and included in the alpha client during build
  • Entity max size increased to 256 x 256
  • Car bodies now consist of multiple colliders, for maximum weight distribution fun
  • Content editor and the main game now log to our azure log processor
  • Drivers of cars are now named and textured
  • Loads of small nice-to-have features in the content editor
  • Removed all .JSON Schema files, we don’t use them anymore
  • Added locking mechanism to the content editor
  • Render of cars and entities in the editor, as well as diagnostics renders
  • Track editor finished

What we still have to finish:

  • Audio assets
  • More visual assets
  • The story
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Tooling up to distribute builds

So after a short struggle, the project now builds whenever it is submitted to VSTS.
This is great, since we can now pack it for distribution to testers through our Azure storage container, more or less imitating this system:

We will however upgrade it by using Azure AD authentication for managing test groups, but all in all, when implemented we can “live-stream” the newest build to testers within 10 minutes of pushing the code. Pretty snazzy 🙂

/Alexander Brandbyge – CTO

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Inching closer to playable state

So with all the tooling over with for now, we have been working on the main gameplay engine. We are bringing in the heavy hitters in the form of Velcro Physics for .Net, meaning we do not have to rely on custom rolled physics engine.
It does require some tweaking to get it working for a top-down driving game, but not much, so yay \o/.
The next steps is setting up a debug renderer, so we can check our results. More on that later

/Alexander Brandbyge – CTO

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Bringing it home

The final piece of the puzzle regarding content definitions came in the form of post build events.
As some of you may know, the .Net Framework projects are generously said, quite bad when it comes to build process automation. But we make do 🙂
By injecting a bit of powershell, whenever our assetloading pipeline changes, we rebuild all the json schemas, and whenever the Main project is built it now fetches the schemas and validates the content.
This ultimately means we now have complete write-time and build-time validation of all .Json content in the game 😀 Hooray.

Next up on the menu is the main Car physics engine, so we really feel things going wroom wroom.

/Alexander Brandbyge – CTO

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And of course, also validation

After writing a CLI App for generating schemas, we ofcourse also needed an app for validating them. This is called as part of the build process and also at game start.
This second tool can automatically download schemas (if needed) and validate entire folders full of json data 😀 Hooray. No more random json data floating around thankyouverymuch!

/Alexander Brandbyge – CTO

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On the topic of UI

On the topic of UI

While designing our UI System, we needed a way of keeping track of “what state are we in”, this is where we need a statemachine. An age old programming concept, but it still serves us well here.

As part of the tooling in the project, we can export the current ui state machine, and it looks like this:

Kinda neat, yes 🙂 ? Look into the package for more awesomenes

/Alexander Brandbyge – CTO

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