A classic car game with a twist.

Follow our hero in an unfolding story of betrayal, action, expansion & ultimate vengeance.

Shoot & race your way to victory in an epic race for motorized glory.
Choose the way you will rise from a common street rat to one of the mechanized Lords of Detroit.

Scavenge spare parts from wrecks & win pink slips by winning races.
Expand your collection of vehicles & grow your organization by raiding & racing and impressing your enemies with your expanding arsenal of cars with guns.

In a world where the green dollar is as useless as hope, only few things are more important than survival; Speed, High Octane Fuel & sacrifices to the Chrome Goddess.

D4Detroit is top down action car racing game in pixel graphics.

Drawing heavy inspiration from Super Cars for the Amiga.

Start the car game with a garage & a starting vehicle.
Race & fight in a top down view where your reaction-, and driving skills will be put to the test.
Grow your organization by doing missions & winning races. Expand your garage with more vehicle, new equipment & trade vehicles & spare parts for fuel and win new allies.
Before & after racing you can upgrade your vehicle with interesting & creative tools, to help you in every way conceivable.
Train your crew to shoot & defend while you concentrate on driving.
Grow your empire and take over Detroit as it's most respected or feared Lord.

Challenge yourself & friends by racing against them or creating tracks and trials for you to compete in. Either by driving against them directly or seeing who can finish a challenge first.

D4Detroit will have tools to help the community to create their own content & challenges, and will be open for community created Mods.

Bet & Win prizes against other players. By racing directly against them or by wagering Fuel, pink slips, crew and spare parts.


Planned Features:

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Modding
  • Player created content
  • Level designer
  • Racing
  • Action
  • Weekly challenges from the creators with prizes
  • Split screen
  • Keyboard, mouse, controller
  • For the casual gamer and the pro.

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One of our first test on guns on the cars 

Test layout of the track v 1