Generally done: 

  • Physics engine – Driving in the blue void
  • Editor is working
  • The editor is functional but we’re still refining it
  • Assets can be manipulated & added to the level
  • Build server is working
  • Data model is functional
  • Plot outline

Monthly Changes:

  • Content processing pipeline created: All content included in our content server will be compiled and included in the alpha client during build
  • Entity max size increased to 256 x 256
  • Car bodies now consist of multiple colliders, for maximum weight distribution fun
  • Content editor and the main game now log to our azure log processor
  • Drivers of cars are now named and textured
  • Loads of small nice-to-have features in the content editor
  • Removed all .JSON Schema files, we don’t use them anymore
  • Added locking mechanism to the content editor
  • Render of cars and entities in the editor, as well as diagnostics renders
  • Track editor finished

What we still have to finish:

  • Audio assets
  • More visual assets
  • The story