Good news everyone!
Here’s an update to update you on our updates.

  • The editor is now in working condition. It worked before, but it’s working harder, better and stronger now, with less mistakes and arguments.
  • The physics engine has been added, improved and is working on a degree to better itself through rigorous study. It’s good and working well, but as everything else, we’re learning together and it’s sure to improve.
  • The debug rendering is playing well with others, though we’ve had to have a talk with it, but it seems able and willing to improve itself, and it’s tentatively but surely becoming fast friends with every other part of the game whilst improving its debugging and rendering in leaps and bounds.
  • Lots of code cleanup. The game had a ball, punch was had and not to worry. Chaperones were present. Everyone helped clean up the mess afterwards. Leftover code has been recycled and what couldn’t be recycled, was disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Change to a GIT content server.
    The code received a nice and new place to live while away from home and work. A beautifully decorated GIT server with all the trimming. A show was made in the style of Cribs. It was stylishly done and cake was had by everyone.